Using a Forklift as a Personnel lift


As a result, the ANSI/ITSDF B-56.1 consensus standard has become the only guidance for elevating personnel with forklifts.
OSHA is issuing General Duty Clause PL 91-596 5 (a) (1) citations, referencing the ANSI requirements, if they find employers misusing or using improper personnel platform lifts.
In most cases, these citations involve homemade cages, inadequate railings, fall protection, or failure to securely attach the platform to the carriage and personnel climbing off the platform floor.
Essentially, these are violations of safe practices, but not necessarily based solely on the use of a cage itself.
To prevent accidents, injuries and potential OSHA Citations, documented training and education of forklift operators, and personnel being lifted, should be conducted.
** Please note there is a prerequsite to have certified forklift personnel.