Fall Protection

Although you know you need to implement some kind of fall protection or fall prevention system to keep your employees safe, do you know all of the fall risks?
Do you know what fall protection equipment you need to prevent these falls?

Before any fall protection equipment installation occurs at your facility, it’s very important to conduct a full-site survey to assess all potential fall hazards or existing deficiencies.
Prior to the site survey we like to offer a class on fall protection for your employees.
After the class we like to ask the employees if they are aware of any fall protection issues in the facility.

During the site survey, we detect all:

    • Work area fall hazards
    • OSHA-compliance issues

After we identify potential fall hazards and compliance issues, our fall safety experts determine which fall arrest systems are going to work best in your environment.
We also spend time talking with your employees about their job duties and asking them what fall protection equipment they would feel most comfortable using on the job.
When you partner with CH Bull Co, the fall safety experts who conduct your site survey, they will ensure all of your existing fall hazards are correctly identified and solutions are offered.